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GMI Celebrates Its 27th Year Anniversary
Garrett Mechanical, Inc., an award-winning contractor for Texas commercial, university, and health care industries, celebrated its 27th anniversary in business on April 1, 2015.

( -- April 3, 2015) Bryan, TEXAS -- Now one of the largest mechanical contractors in Texas, Garret Mechanical is celebrating its 27th anniversary in business, as of April 1, 2015. The award-winning contractor has served demanding clients in commercial, health care, university, and other industries since 1988. It has since been awarded some of the most prestigious construction projects across the state of Texas. In addition to its strategic San Antonio location, GMI is also located in Bryan, Texas, near College Station.
Today GMI’s annual revenues exceed $50 million. The company’s services extend across the full spectrum of mechanical contracting. Highly trained and professional workers are able to handle small to complex plumbing, piping, and sheet metal work on commercial and industrial job sites. From hand rail ramps to parking lot infrastructure, to on-site utilities, no job is too tough. Unlike most Texas mechanical contractors, GMI employs its own sheet metal and pipe-fitting crews, and has its own concrete and general contracting division. Self-sufficiency is a solid strategy as no sub-contractors are ever involved in projects.
Larry Garrett, Vice President of Garrett Mechanical, said, “We opened our doors in 1988. In our 27 years of business, we have proven our worth time and time again and continue to be a force in the regional mechanical contracting industry. The corporate goal remains the same: to ensure the success of the most prestigious universities, hospitals, libraries, and other institutions across the region.”
The company’s mechanical contracting resume includes high-level projects such as Texas A&M Health Science Center. During the new campus project, crews buried miles of thermal piping, and installed 6,000 tons of cooling capacity, within 12 months. The complex project involved support of classroom, office, laboratory, and research infrastructure.
The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum was another landmark project. Garrett Mechanical was responsible for laying underground thermal piping, storm drainage, sewer lines, and other utility infrastructure. It also served as a subcontractor during Phase 2 of the Texas A&M campus expansion, handling all the HVAC and plumbing work for the 95 acre campus.
Other landmark projects include HVAC and plumbing work for the Medical Center of Southeast Texas replacement hospital, completed in just 13 months. Similar work was completed during a major expansion of the Scott & White Memorial Hospital Center for Advanced Medicine.
The highly respected, full-service mechanical contractor is therefore qualified to handle complex, technical projects. “The more technical the project, the better we are,” Garrett explains.
With its perfect track record, GMI is prepared to handle the most complex of projects in the future. That includes maintaining exceptional on-the-job communication and completing all projects on-time and on-budget.
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GMI Receives Texas Mutual Safety Plaque Second Year in a Row
One of Texas’ most respected contractors, Garrett Mechanical, Inc. has been awarded Texas Mutual workplace safety trophy for 2015, it's the second year in a row they've received such recognition.

( -- December 22, 2015) Bryan, TEXAS -- Garrett Mechanical, Inc., an award-winning mechanical contractor based in Bryan, Texas, has been awarded the Texas Mutual safety trophy for its clean safety record, for the second year in the row. Texas Mutual is a provider of Worker’s Compensation Insurance and has worked hard to both make Texas a safer, more productive work environment and recognize and reward companies that protect their employees. The plaque awarded to GMI reads, “For your dedication to employee health and safety” for 2015.
Safety is as important to GMI as the quality of its mechanical contracting services in the industrial, commercial, and health care construction sector. The company covers a full range of plumbing, sheet metal, and piping work and has succeeded in completing various high-profile projects. It was one of 200 different businesses chosen to be recognized by Texas Mutual in 2015. The insurance agency covers about 65,000 policyholders across the state.
Larry Garrett, Vice-President of GMI, said, “We are once again honored to be recognized for our commitment to employee health and well-being. GMI’s over 250 professional, trained workers are our backbone. We wouldn’t have been able to successfully complete such prestigious projects over the years if it weren’t for their dedication and safety. Thank you to Texas Mutual one again for seeing how much we put into this.”
Texas Mutual does more than just hand out insurance policies. It has gone to great lengths to help businesses implement workplace safety programs. By protecting employees, an employer can lower their worker’s compensation costs while maintaining productivity as workers can stay on the job. The costs associated with accidents are reduced as well. Policyholders and others can learn a great deal about preventing accidents, access free resources provided by the insurance agency, and receive deep discounts on OSHA training in partnership with 360 Training.
Garrett Mechanical, Inc. has been in the mechanical contracting business since 1988. It works with other general contractors to provide the best in service. Commercial and industrial jobs of any size have been tackled. The company has worked on such prominent facilities as the University of Texas Health Science Center and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. It has been an important part of several regional hospital renovations and expansions over the years including those in Temple and San Antonio.
To learn more about GMI and the contractor’s award-winning business and services, visit the company online at
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GMI Wins Chilled Water Services Bid for UTRGV Brownsville Project
Garrett Mechanical, Inc. is installing infrastructure in facilities at the University of Texas Rio Grande Campus in Brownsville, and the university’s new Science Building in Edinburg.

( -- March 30, 2016) Bryan, TEXAS --Award-winning contractor GMI has announced it has won two contract bids for work at two University of Texas campuses. One involves installing chilled water services at the Edinburg Science building now being built, a project that is under the management of Vaughn Construction. The second involves providing similar infrastructure at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) campus’ Academic Building project being led by Bartlett Cocke General Contractors.
When completed, the Science Building will support the growth of the University of Texas’ Mathematics and Science Program in the region. Students who have already graduated from the program have gone on to attend colleges and universities across the nation. The $70 million building will support science research and education for generations of students to come. GMI is currently tasked with installing chilled water infrastructure in this facility.
The Academic Building is now under construction at Brownsville’s University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) campus. Garrett Mechanical, Inc. will install chilled water systems in the 102,551 square foot facility. Construction crews recently broke ground on the new $54 million facility, according to the
Valley Morning Star. Two, three-story buildings will support the university’s general academic program. They will have space for science labs, music instruction and recitals, areas for study and student collaboration, and room for faculty and administration of several university departments plus the Learning Enrichment Center staff.
Garrett Mechanical has installed pipe, plumbing, and HVAC systems since 1988. It’s also highly regarded for its sheet metal work. Qualified to install chilled water services, the company employs its own pipe-fitting crews and has completed projects of any size. It has completed numerous high-profile projects in the regional education market, including ones with the University of Texas and Texas A&M.
“We’re proud to be a major contributor to yet another prestigious project,” Larry Garrett, Vice-President of GMI, said. “Working with Vaughn Construction and Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, our organization will be helping to make the University of Texas’ new facilities as superior and functional as they were designed to be. Our experience in the academic construction market means school and facility staff, and especially students, will have a premier space to work in.”
The Brownsville project is being managed by Bartlett Cocke, one of the most trusted general contractors in Texas with experience in higher education, healthcare, sports, and retail construction. Vaughn Construction is overseeing the Science Building project at UTRGV’s Edinburg campus. It has experience across the general contracting spectrum and utilizes the latest technologies such as Building Information Modeling and laser scanning.
Over the years, GMI has built a reputation of completing complex, high-profile projects on-time and on-budget. It depends on the training and experience of more than 250 workers. One of the largest mechanical contractors in the state, the company has been part of commercial and industrial projects ranging from a presidential library to a major hospital, to the University of Texas Health Science Center. Annual revenues regularly exceed $50 million. Garrett Mechanical has worked with literally hundreds of general construction contractors over the years and has earned the trust of a network of industry leaders.
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